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About the Project: What is this call for?

The Heights is a new housing and light industrial development on Saint Paul’s Greater Eastside. The Saint Paul Port Authority (SPPA) is pleased to announce an open call for artists to apply for our list of pre-qualified public artists. 

For this call, we invite talented artists from diverse career experience levels and backgrounds. This short list of qualified candidates will be used for developing future public art projects within this new vibrant & sustainable community of The Heights. Link to Info Session video. Link to FAQ.

Forecast Public Art has convened a Curatorial Public Art Workgroup (CPAWG) for The Heights. This group will identify the public artists that will design and build out the landmarks, edges, creative seating, animal habitats, imaginative gardens and interactive experiences within the development. To read more and see examples about the Public Art Work Group take a look at the findings and Phase 1 Report

About the Project: What will Public Art at The Heights be?

At The Heights, we believe in the power of art to inspire, engage, and transform public spaces. Through public art development, public art projects will be installed to enrich this neighborhood with captivating and thought-provoking artworks that reflect the unique spirit and identity of the Greater Eastside. 

This call is a part of a long journey of community engagement. In Spring 2023, a design focused Public Art Workgroup worked together to define the values to be represented in The Heights.

Public art at The Heights should be welcoming and relevant to a multigenerational imagination that holds the following priority values: Eco-Focused, Authenticity, Curiosity, Diversity, Community, Kindness.

Important notes about the Pre-qualified Artist List: 

· The pre-qualified public art list does not guarantee a commission or specific project. The list will serve as a resource for SPPA and The Heights development to engage artists when opportunities arise. 

· Artists will be notified of selection status in Fall 2023 and some may participate in a proposal/interview process (with stipend provided). 

· Artists selected will be contacted when suitable projects arise with further questions about community engagement and funding development.


About the Project: The Heights project is in development 

While this call is open, the CPAWG for The Heights will also be exploring the locations and art typologies. There will be many opportunities to incorporate public art in the orientation, interpretive signage, sculptural landmarks, creative seating, nature-based art, and multi-generational and cultural storytelling of the space. While project-specific funding is not yet confirmed for the artistic project, SPPA hopes to have artists involved on the early side.




As part of our vision for this urban neighborhood, light industrial buildings will be transformed into colorful masterpieces adorned with public art installations. The goal for these pieces is to tell the story of The Heights – including both its people and natural resources. Selected artists will be invited to submit mural concepts for a stipend. Additional payment will be made when concepts are selected for reproduction.


Our intent is to create artistic benches that celebrate the vibrant and unique characteristics of the Greater Eastside. We anticipate selecting artists to design and install 2-3 benches across the 112-acre site.

POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITY 2: Interpretive Panels

Residents near The Heights have a strong desire to see interpretive panels along the proposed trail system. The goal is to install up to 10 panels that showcase the rich history, vibrant present, and promising future of the Greater Eastside. These panels would serve as standalone pieces of art while creating an engaging storytelling experience when viewed in sequence. Artists will be encouraged to explore and celebrate both the diverse community and the beautiful natural resources of the neighborhood.

POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITY 3: Interactive Play Center

We hope to invite artists to participate in our largest public art investment at The Heights, an interactive play center that repurposes reclaimed wood for childhood exploration. The concept of “Witches Woods,” a story passed down through generations, would be the guiding theme. Our intent would be to incorporate accessibility and amenities for multiple generations, including seating areas, gardens and more.


We anticipate up to three additional, independent art installations throughout the site. These would be unique, interactive experiences that showcase the vibrancy of neighborhood. Concept and material requirements will be minimal, and priority given to proposals that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the community. 


About the Process: Who should apply?

We encourage artists working in all mediums, including but not limited to sculpture, creative seating, installations, murals, and digital art, to submit their applications. 

In terms of murals, because of the specifications of The Heights development, businesses will be required to incorporate vinyl wall murals on the exterior of the light industrial buildings. 

We encourage artists of all experience levels to apply. Whether you are an emerging artist ready to make your mark or an established professional seeking new avenues for expression, we welcome your application. If you are interested in mentoring or additional support and guidance in your work, please note this on your application. Though this is not guaranteed, it is of interest to the curatorial work group. 

Artists who have a personal connection to the Greater Eastside neighborhood surrounding The Heights development will receive special emphasis. We believe that local artists possess an intimate understanding of the community's history, culture, and aspirations, allowing them to create artworks that resonate deeply with the residents and visitors alike.

Your materials submitted (artist statement, work samples, resume/bio, and a note about your connection to the neighborhood) will be discussed and ranked by CPAWG.

If you have any questions about your eligibility please contact lisa@forecastpublicart.org.

About the process: How to apply?

Please be prepared to upload your responses into Submittable. All work samples should be uploaded as PDF files.  

Application deadline:  September 25th, 2023 11:59pm.

To apply, please submit the following materials:

1. Artist statement: introduce yourself, your artistic practice, your creative vision, and what types of artworks you would like to be considered for (murals, sculpture, eco-related artworks, etc). (max 500 words)

2. Work samples: provide up to 10 images of your previous works, highlighting pieces that best represent your artistic style and concept. Include images, descriptions, and any relevant documentation. If applicable, you may also include links to your website or social media platforms. (pdf format, max 10mb)

3. Resume/bio: include a summary of your artistic background, education, exhibitions, awards, and any other relevant experience. (pdf format, max 2 pages)

4. Connection to the neighborhood: share how you are connected to the community surrounding The Heights development and how your art reflects or addresses the local context. (max 250 words)

Info Session: https://youtu.be/WQIrtrnq6I8

We look forward to reviewing your applications and exploring the potential to collaborate on transforming the heights into an inspiring and dynamic artistic hub. 

Should you have any questions, please reach out to us at lisa@forecastpublicart.org.

Thank you for your interest and for contributing to the cultural vibrancy of The Heights community!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.